Lake Construction with ESS-13 for over fifty years


ESS-13 has proven itself to be effective in reducing the permeability of soils over the last 50 years.

ESS-13 creates a situation where the results improve with time.

ESS-13 reduces the cost of lake construction.

ESS-13 is EPA compliant.

ESS-13 is manufactured in the United States.

ESS-13 comes with guaranteed results.

treated & compacted installation

The ESS-13 Treated and Compacted application has been used successfully since 1971 and is perfect for new construction or renovation projects. Similar to a clay liner, the product is incorporated into the soil using standard earth moving equipment and compacted in six-inch lifts. The end result is a layer of soil that has the product mixed throughout and is densely compacted. The typical thickness is 12 inches, but this may vary depending on the project specifications.

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spray-on Installation

The first step in this application process is to add the product to the water truck. A 2,000-gallon or larger water truck is recommended. Our on-site field representative will determine the quantity necessary for each load. The solution is then sprayed onto the approved soil.

The mixing process is most often done with an offset disc, although other mixing methods may be suitable. Multiple passes ensure a uniform soil, water, and ESS-13 mixture.

Once the product has been thoroughly mixed into the soil and the proper moisture content has been achieved, the soil is compacted in six-inch lifts. Compaction will be accomplished by a sheepsfoot
compactor or other approved equipment.

Once the desired thickness is achieved, the liner is complete and the lake is ready to fill. Care needs to be taken during the initial fill to prevent erosion.

Once full, the lake is ready for its intended purpose.

The installation of the ESS-13 Treated and Compacted application does not require specialty equipment; therefore, it can be done by a local excavation contractor. This results in significant savings over other lining methods. One of our field representatives will be on site during the installation process of a Treated and Compacted application. There is no additional charge for this service and it ensures the successful
completion of each project.