Lake Construction with ESS-13 for over fifty years


ESS-13 has proven itself to be effective in reducing the permeability of soils over the last 50 years.

ESS-13 creates a situation where the results improve with time.

ESS-13 reduces the cost of lake construction.

ESS-13 is EPA compliant.

ESS-13 is manufactured in the United States.

ESS-13 comes with guaranteed results.

Lake construction case studies

Twin Oaks Stables, Bill Dance Signature Lakes
Holly Springs, Mississippi - 35 acres

The lake at the Twin Oak Stables is located on a family ranch in Mississippi. The lake was built about 2 years prior to our involvement in the project and had thus far been unsuccessful. We were privileged to partner with Bill Dance Signature Lakes to develop a strategy to overcome the many obstacles presented with this project.

The native soil was not of sufficient quality for a soil liner. The soil was very sandy and our on-site representative was able to assist in locating better quality soil to replace the sandy areas. The dam, as it was originally designed, was insufficient to support the 35-acre, 25-foot deep lake and was actively leaking. Our on-site representative oversaw the widening and reconstruction of the dam with the inclusion of ESS-13. There was a significant amount of dirt that needed to be moved during this time. Throughout the project, sporadic rain caused delays in progress. The crews were only able to move dirt for a few days at a time between rain episodes. Due to weather constraints and the size of the lake, the liner was built in sections starting from the deepest point, and filled as they went.

Today the lake is full, with water loss reduced mainly to evaporation. The lake has been stocked with bass and a variety of vegetation. There is also a beautiful boathouse/fishing pier located on the lake. Our client is extremely pleased to see their project turned into what they had envisioned many years previously.


Every lake seems to have unique challenges and by involving the expertise of our field
representatives, our ESS-13 products, and our construction techniques we are able to overcome these challenges resulting in a successful project.